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about us
Specialising in Whistler means that Extraordinary Escapesí consultants know everything there is know about Whistler. Our consultants spend up to one month in Whistler every year and we use our personal experience to formulate the perfect holiday for our clients.

Extraordinary Escapesí consultants know every detail there is to know about Whistler, for example where the best hotels are located within Whistler's four main villages and what each village offers. We can tell you which location and hotel is best for families or for couples, what each room is like in every hotel, which rooms are inter-connecting, which rooms offer laundry services and what hotels are offering the best specials for value for money.

Extraordinary Escapesí consultants can tell you where the best restaurants are in Whistler and make pre-bookings for you which are essential over peak periods. We can provide you with information on unique activities that you can do while in Whistler. For families, we know what babysitting services to use and can even help you pre-order groceries to be delivered to your door before you arrive or help you hire toys for babies/children so that you donít have to bring them with you!

Extraordinary Escapes will plan your entire holiday or event, allowing you to have complete peace of mind from the moment you leave your front door. Let Extraordinary Escapesí expertise ensure that your holiday is absolutely perfect for you.

A note from the Director of Extraordinary Escapes:
Jodie Mason.

I began Extraordinary Escapes in response to a critical need in the market place for a travel company that specialised in a destination. I was tired of being misinformed by travel agents who dealt with a multitude of destinations and who did not have the time to focus on getting my holiday right.

Specialising in a destination means that you can have a team of consultants that can literally know everything there is to know about that destination. This in turn means that you can provide information to your clients that no other company can, as it is simply impossible to know everything about all destinations or even everything about ten destinations. I created this company to ensure that Extraordinary Escapesí clientsí holidays or events receive the attention they deserve.

Extraordinary Escapesí business model is also based on the fact that I believe that you cannot provide advice on a destination unless you have personally been there (and not just heard about it from your colleague) and actually stayed there in every accommodation option that you sell (for more than just one night). This is a huge capital investment for a company but it means that Extraordinary Escapes can offer clients information that cannot be found in brochures or on the internet.

As one of the founders and Director of Extraordinary Escapes, I have a law degree and practiced as a lawyer in Sydney and London. I lived overseas for an extended period of time and I was even married on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. My first child was born in London and by the age of one year, he had been on over 30 international flights. I now have four children and we all travel as a family regularly. I have travelled the world extensively, with and without small children, staying in many of the leading hotels of the world. My aim with Extraordinary Escapes is to use my vast travel experience to create the ultimate holiday for Extraordinary Escapesí clients.

To me personally Whistler is the most amazing ski resort in the world. I have skied all over the world and have been skiing in Whistler for over 20 years. I would like to share my fantastic experiences with others. If you can dream it, Extraordinary Escapes will make it happen!