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Whistler, offering so much diversity, is a fantastic destination for families and groups. Whether you are an expert skier, beginner skier or non-skier, Whistler offers absolutely everything so that every member of the family has the holiday of their life.

Whistler also offers such a wide range of activities for children in addition to skiing, that it makes for a perfect family holiday. We all know that when the kids are having fun, so do the parents. It is all about finding that magic combination.

Extraordinary Escapes offers some fantastic accommodation options for families. With essentially four villages within Whistler, each of these villages has direct access to completely different parts of the two mountains and with 3 separate Ski Schools located within these villages, the decision as to where to stay for a family can be confusing. Extraordinary Escapes can provide you with all of the information you require to make an informed decision.

Extraordinary Escapesí family ski consultants have spent literally months in Whistler with their children and therefore know everything there is to know about Whistler and families from accommodation, ski school, family restaurants and other activities.

Extraordinary Escapesí consultants can also help you with other tasks such as booking babysitters, hiring childrenís toys so that you donít have to bring them with you and having groceries ordered so that they will be in your apartment when you arrive.

Extraordinary Escapes will plan your entire holiday, allowing you to have complete peace of mind from the moment you leave your front door. Having children ourselves, we understand how important this is when children are involved!

Kids and Ski School

Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains offer world class ski schools located at three locations. Being such an incredible destination, some of the best Ski Instructors in the world come to teach at Whistler Blackcomb.

Whistler Blackcomb Kids Ski Program is literally incredible. It offers everything from their fantastic adventure camp weekly ski programs where you have the same teacher and children for the week, through to daily ski adventure lessons, private lessons and snowboard lessons.

The ski school takes children from 3 years of age. Children's safety is taken very seriously by the Whistler Blackcomb Ski School. Whistler does not take children aged 4 years and under on chair lifts. They are able to have this rule as Whistler has a high speed gondola which enables younger children to be able to ski from top to bottom on anything from a green to black run, without having to be on a chair lift.

Whistler Blackcomb even has GPS tracking devices that are put on every child's leg to ensure safety while skiing and also to enable parents to jump on-line at the end of the day and see exactly where their child has skied for that day! Amazing!

Whistler Mountain has a hidden 'Tree Fort' with slides and tree climbing that the instructors take the children to for breaks during the day. Blackcomb Mountain has a 'Magic Castle', the location of which is of course top secret! The ski school is action packed fun for the kids with race days, kids apres ski afternoon parties, dress up days, face painting and themed weekly events.